Learning & Development

Whether leveraging existing courses or a newly built curriculum, Metanoia provides the tools needed for an effective learning environment. We provide experiential learning to help individuals and leaders think through leadership challenges that widen their viewpoints, and help them improve individual, team and organisation performance.

Our consultants will work with you to identify the best solution to achieve your development needs. We create programs that are innovative, relevant and practical taking into consideration the experience and demanding schedules of your leaders with programs spanning from 1 day to several weeks or months.  We work with our clients to design optimal experiences that have substantial and lasting business impact.

The Metanoia Learning Charter

The Metanoia learning charter aims to blend concept with practice, mutual learning and social collaboration. It is interactive, blended and learner focused. Many factors are taken into consideration before arriving at the final modus operandi. Aspects varying from vision of the company and other influences to individual dynamics and team learning. The final outcome being performance, productivity and profit.


Crème de la Crème Consultants

Our People Development solutions enable fast workforce empowerment and strategic alignment, guaranteeing a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organisation. We help companies improve their performance, productivity and profit. Our customised learning initiatives integrate research-based content with processes that are specifically connected to critical business challenges that your organisation is facing. This allows your people to optimise their full potential and better align individual goals and competencies with organisational objectives. The results are measurable and leads to sustained improvements for your organisation.

We draw on expertise of more than 50+ Crème de la Crème consultants. MMC’s consultant portfolio comprises of PhD holders, Post graduates, writers, authors and publishers of scientific research who draw great insight through their in-depth knowledge on the subject. Each workshop is structured and designed based on hands on experience and delivered by professionals who know the topic first hand. Our development focus is within the areas of Leadership, Soft skills and Technical Expertise.

UAE Office

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US Office

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