Quality Talent makes all the difference in the growth of Organisations. We have a simple yet proven Executive recruitment methodology, which works. We deliver the right senior talent over a timeframe agreed in advance and ensure that the process is seamless, stress-free and in line with your talent strategy.

Our Process involves identifying company needs, assessing and short listing the best candidates for the job based on a close match of experience, behaviors, agreed competencies and culture. We have honed these practices so well that we call it Metanoia Talent Plus (MTP).

We always encourage a collaborative hiring approach, where hiring managers, HR and the actual team get involved in the process. Research indicates that when employees are included in the process of selecting their future colleagues — engagement levels improved, staff turnover reduced and the company’s bottom line was boosted. More than anything else, employees really appreciate being part of the process of decision making.

The results from a new employees standpoint are, a faster new employee on boarding process where the team is actively involved, greater employee retention and a stronger employer brand.

In an organisation’s quest for growth, Human Capital especially Talent becomes the defining factor that drives business success and sustains it. Successful companies use talent management as a tool to drive strategic change, innovation and long-term organisational health.

We help develop Talent strategies to support core competitive strengths that are tied directly to business strategy. We shape clear employer value propositions focused not just on compensation but also on other key factors that matter to talented employees, including engagement, professional development, rotation, reward and recognition.

In short, we ensure that our clients increase output and shareholder value by acquiring the right talent, developing their capability and deploying them into the right roles.

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